24 teams turned out for this 18-hole tournament which was kind of planned at the last minute and featured an all new format.  The 2-person teams played the first 6 holes as a scramble, the 2nd 6 holes as alternate shot and the final 6 holes as best ball.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the change up and no one came in with a black eye so we will probably play this format again some day.  There were 3 flights and the winners were:

           CHAMPIONSHIP FLIGHT                                                                                             1st    Larry Jordon & Barry Green                                                                                             2nd - Kelly & John Chandler                                                                                                      3rd - Tommy & Johnny Rowell

             FIRST FLIGHT                                                                                                             1st -  Lee Dennis & Harold Holifield

2nd - Dwayne Guy & George Antrim

3rd - Wayne Buffington & Benny Prestridge                                                               


             SECOND FLIGHT

1st -  Edwin Tullos & Jimmy McConnell

2nd - Bruce Langley & Vince Smith                                                                                        3rd - Bennie Rogers & Jimmie Harpole

There were 7 Christmas related objects hidden on the course before the tournament.  Finders of these could keep what they found or trade it in for golf balls.  Those who found objects were:   Donald Brown, Michael King (2), Benny Prestridge (who gave his to Linda Cook), Brady Ward, Richard Pearson and George Antrim 


CROQUET - Semi-Finalists

Mitchell McCraw, Mike McNeil, August Jones, Daniel Kilpatrick, Bob Finelson, Micah Poole


HORSESHOES - Minor Poole, Makayla Carpenter, Addison Jones, Anna Poole, Kynlee Bennett

SACK RACES - Marley Jefcoat, Anna Poole, Raeghan Bennett

HULA HOOP CONTEST - Kylie Parker, Kaylee Parker, Chloe Parker, Makayla Carpenter, Anna Poole, Marley Jefcoat, Raeghan Bennett

3-LEGGED RACES - Chloe & Kaylee Parker, Millie Doss & Kynlee Bennett, Makayla Carpenter & Marley Jefcoat, Raeghan Bennett

KIDS TWIST CONTEST - Easton Anderson, Maggie Rae Gable, Chloe Parker, Kaylee Parker, Marley Jefcoat, Millie Doss, Raeghan Bennett, Anna Poole, Makayla Carpenter

ADULT TWIST CONTEST - Debbie Jefcoat, Carol Evans, Susan McNeil

WHEELBARROW RACE - Kynlee Bennett, Raeghan Bennett, Marley Jefcoat

JUMP ROPE CONTEST - Marley Jefcoat, Makayla Carpenter, Millie Doss

KIDS LIMBO CONTEST - Avery Deese, Marley Jefcoat, Chloe Parker, Millie Doss

ADULT LIMBO CONTEST - Lauren Jefcoat, Jerry Bennett

CHICKEN DANCE CONTEST - Millie Doss, Makayla Carpenter, Wilder Deese

Get into the Swing of It

Bay Springs Country Club