Get into the Swing of It

Bay Springs Country Club





The annual meeting of club members was held on Tuesday, November 7th.  Financial reports were reviewed and the membership elected 3 new board members to replace outgoing board members Shane Cook, George Rogers and Gavin Hatcher.  Those elected were George Rogers, Scott Thames and Tommy Rowell.  These 3 along with Jerry Bennett, Micah Poole, Mike McNeil, Chris Carpenter, Donald Brown and Matthew Windham will be serving on the Board of Directors of your club.  Board meetings are scheduled for the 2nd Tuesday of each month however are subject to change due to conflicts.  The next meeting will be Thursday, December 14th due to the town Christmas parade being held on Tuesday, December 12th.  Members are welcome to attend board meetings, however if there is a matter a member wishes to have discussed at a meeting, it should be presented in writing to the board Secretary, Donald Brown, at least one (1) week prior to the meeting.


Over 100 enjoyed lunch provided by Glenwood Cotton and some awesome desserts donated by many of the ladies who came.  Even more came and stuck around to enjoy the perfect weather and activities on Saturday, November 11th.  With this event being held on Veterans Day, we opened with an invocation given by Brother James Sprayberry and the National Anthem along with Veterans Day comments from special guest Mr. Jimmy Nix.   The Big Blue Monster Slide and football throw along with the club playground proved to be other favorites for the kids.  Needless to say, there was lots of laughs, fun heckling and interesting conversation going on throughout the day.  Chances are this may become an annual event at the club.  Many thanks to Daniel Kilpatrick and Bob Finelson - our croquet instructors and rules guys, Craig & Debbie Jefcoat who helped with judging events, chauffeurs Kelly Stringer, Donald Brown & Chris Carpenter, Angela & Christian Carpenter for selling tee shirts, Carol McNeil for handling the lunch tickets and to those who assisted with games and event --the Mayors Youth Council, Amber James, Mandy & Rhett Walters, Micah & Kayla Poole, Jerry & Vanessa Bennett, Matthew Windham, and to Mike McNeil & George Rogers for setting up the courses for croquet and assisting with the day.

Ken Hemphill is at home after spending 3 weeks in the hospital but Phyllis is still hospitalied as she recovers froma fall which resulted in a serious head injury.  Thanks to all for your prayers but please continue.  Phyllis still has a long road to complete recovery.