OCTOBER 2017

        CALENDAR OF EVENTS           

Thursday - October 5th - Arnold Hemphill Memorial Scramble           Saturday - October 28th - Junior Club Championship for boys & girls     Saturday - November 4th - Men's Senior Club Championship           Sunday   - November 5th - Men's Senior Club Championship continues  Tuesday - November 7th - Annual Membership Meeting                  Saturday - November 11th - Croquet on the Fairway                                   Saturday - November 18th - Ladies Club Championship                  Sunday   - November 19th - Ladies Club Championship continues

ATTENTION GOLFING SENIORS AND RETIREES AGE 60 AND UP   Bay Springs Country Club is setting Tuesdays as SENIOR GOLF DAY for all golfers age 60 and up.  Golfers should gather at The Old Pro Shop around 8:45 in hopes of teeing off around 9:00a.m. every Tuesday for an 18-hole round.  Teams will be chosen and the fun will begin.  Ther is no fee for members and guests are welcome for a green fee of $20.00 and cart fee of $10.00 per person if needed.  Show up and help grow this event.


The Junior Club Championship for boys and girls ages 8-17 is scheduled for Saturday, October 28th.  Groups will be divided by age and gender.  Division 1 will be ages 8-11 and they will only play 5 holes with tees set up at about 150 yards from the green.  Division 2 will be ages 12-14 and they will play 9 holes from the red and yellow tees.  Division 3 will be ages 15-17.  Boys will play 18 holes from the regular men's (blue & white) and girls from ladies tees (red & yellow).   Parents are welcome to drive their kids and "gently" offer verbal assistance or reminders if the junior golfer so desires.  An adult also needs to help keep up with and verify individual scores in each group after each hole.  This event is for member kids only.  Tee time for all Divisions is 1:00 p.m.  Please call Susan at601-764-3403or call/text at 601-764-8444at your earliest convenience to sign up.  There is no entry fee.                                            

ARNOLD HEMPHILL MEMORIAL - for Men age 50 and up

The Arnold Hemphill Memorial Senior 2-man scramble will be on Thursday, October 5th.  Ages 50-59-Blue & White tees, 60-69-Black & Silver, 70&up-Red & Yellow.  Entry fee is $45.00 per man which includes morning coffee, lunch with dessert & 27 holes of golf.  A limited number of rental carts are available for $14.00 per man.  Tee time: 9:00a.m. then 9 holes of golf with a break for lunch.  After lunch 18 more holes of golf.  Please call Mike or Susan at 601-764-3403 or call/text 601-670-6000 or 601-764-8444.  Email for more information or to receive entry form.  Fees must be returned in advance to:

               Mike McNeil,  P.O.Box 444, Bay Springs, MS 39422                    Email:


All Senior golfing members age 60 and up are encouraged to sign up for our 2-day Men's Senior Club Championship to be held on Saturday and Sunday, November 4th and 5th.  Tee time will be 1:00 both days and entry is $20.00each.  Those age 70 and up may choose to hit from the Senior black and silver tees or from the forward red and yellow tees.  Please call Susan at 601-764-3403 or call/text at 601-764-8444 to sign up.


All lady golfing members are invited to play in the Ladies Club Championship on November 18th & 19th.  Tee time will be 1:00 both days and entry is $20.00each.  The ladies will only play 9 holes per day.  If we have at least 5 beginners to sign up we will have a "Beginner Ladies Champion" also.  Please call Susan at 601-764-3403 or call/text at 601-764-8444 to sign up.


The purpose of this meeting is to review the financial report of the club, progress of the past year and to replace outgoing board members.  The board members whose 3 year term expires this year are Gavin Hatcher, Shane Cook, and George Rogers.  All of these board members have been a tremendous asset in assisting with the business of the club.  George has agreed to serve another term if elected.  Mailed ballot(s) are for each member and spouse (if applicable) to complete by voting or 3 new board members.  If you can't attend, please put your ballot in the special marked ballot return envelope, sign the outside of the envelope in order to validate your vote and return it at your earliest convenience.  Please do not put dues payment in this envelope as it will not be opened until November 7th.




Mamas, Daddies, Kids, Mammaws & Papaws, Grandmas & Grandpas

This is an open invitation so call ALL of your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers and plan to come out to Bay Springs Country Club for a day of family fun.  The only cost to you will be $5.00 for lunch which will be served from 11:00 to 1:00 in the clubhouse and will be provided by Clenwood Cotton, owner of "BackRoads BBQ".  Tickets should be purchased in advance so we make certain to prepare enough to eat. (It would be greatly appreciated if some of you could bring a dessert.)                         All other activities will take place on the golf course fairway so bring your lawn chairs and/or quilts and come to stay and play.                   The highlight of the day will be a CROQUET TOURNAMENT.  It's not necessary to know the rules of croquet or even how to play.  Someone will be standing by to help guide you along if needed (but don't worry---we're keeping it simple).  However, the champion will be awarded a trophy to keep until next year's champion is determined.  Call in advance to sign up to play or register that day beginning at 11:00a.m.                                                                                     Some other activities going on throughout the day may be (but are not limited to) horse shoes, sack races, hula hoop contest, 3-legged races, wheelbarrow races, limbo contest, and possible a twist and chicken dance contest.  We might even throw in badminton and softball.  Also golf contests such as putting, chipping, sand shots and accuracy driving.                                         Our tennis courts will be open for play and for those who have never tried golf, our Driving Range will be open and available to anyone who would like to test their skill at hitting golf balls.  Golf clubs and range balls will be provided.  We may even have a golf instructor available for a period of time to show the proper golf grip, stance and swing technique.                                           Chauffeurs will be on hand to drive you by cart from the clubhouse or the parking area to the activity area on the fairway, to the driving range, or take you on a free tour of the entire golf course if you've never seen it. (They will even drive you to the restroom free of charge).

We want to maintain a family oriented atmosphere so no alcoholic beverages will be allowed.                                                                                                                       Please call Susan McNeil at 601-764-3403 or call/text at 601-764-8444 for tickets or if you need more information or would like to volunteer to help.  You may also get tickets from any board member.                                                    They are:                                                                                                                 Gavin Hatcher, Mike McNeil, Jerry Bennett, George Rogers, Micah Poole, Shane Cook, Donald Brown, Doug Rogers, Chris Carpenter, Matthew Windham


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